Senior Data Engineer

Powered Analytics is hiring a Sr. Data Engineer to develop back-end infrastructure for our real-time machine learning based recommendation, analytics, and localization platform that delivers recommendations to thousands to millions of mobile devices per second.

  • engineer a real-time data processing platform
  • develop recommendation platform capable of handling disparate inputs from multiple streams (clicks, locations, purchases, etc)
  • develop scalable back-end storage and analytics infrastructure
  • develop novel machine learning models
Technologies (in order of importance)
  1. JVM development, prefer scala 2.10+ (Akka 2.2+, Spray)
  2. NoSQL, RDBMS, and key-value stores (redis or similar)
  3. aws: ec2, s3 (interoperability with almost all above technologies), cloudfront, route 53, etc.
  4. machine learning: mahout / oryx / spark MLlib / scikit-learn (graphX or similar, a big plus)
  5. hadoop / hdfs / hive
  6. spark (batch and streaming)
  7. git / Github
  8. chef (or puppet, docker, etc.)
  9. unix/linux and bash scripting
  10. python
  11. bonus: js / d3 / ember
Relevant Skills (in order of importance)
  1. tight, clean, scalable, and secure software engineering
  2. ability to hack, learn, evolve, and iterate - with hyper focus and minimal oversight
  3. API design, implementation, and deployment
  4. architecture design, parallelization, and scalability
  5. security
  6. machine learning
  7. real-time streaming processes
  8. networking
  • competitive salary + stock options
  • flexible work hours - we work very hard, but have unlimited vacation
  • fast pace, latest tech, fully open source, rad + focused work environment

Powered Analytics is a venture-backed startup in Pittsburgh, PA with customers ranging from government to the Fortune 1000.

Please send resumes to

Collin Otis, CEO: cotis (AT) poweredanalytics.com

Link to job posting in PDF format.